Blossom Blues 2019

For the 7th time, Blossom Blues opened its doors to the blues dancers. This time at a new location that has it all, but still sooo much live music again, both during classes and parties.

The festival offered classes to different levels where about half of the classes were accompanied by live music. Dancers could choose which and how many classes they wanted to take over the weekend, 4 or 8, on one or both days. There were 3 parties with live music from 5 different bands! Not to forget the many DJs from all over Europe that kept the dancers going all night. As a new item this year, there were evening classes, a talk about blues history, as well as a class for DJs. The new location Iron Mams was closer to the city centre, 2 rooms which were transformed into a nice party room with its own bar, 1 more room for classes upstairs. Lunch catering from The Lemon Grass made sure all the hungry mouths were fed with delicious food.Thank you to everyone who contributed!


Catherine Palmier, Jenny Sowden, Krystal & Adam Wilkerson, Annette Kühnle, Gabriel Huot

Workshop Musicians: Dan Nash, Janos Crecelius

DJs: Daire, Leigh, Fluff, Laura, Annette


Friday: J.T. and Ballroom Baby, Christoffer Johansson, @ Iron Mams

Saturday: Pascal Geiser, Dan Nash, @ Iron Mams

Sunday: Menic @ Iron Mams

Photos on the FB-Page by Benoit Guerin Photography